Top 5 coffee shops in Mossel Bay

Posted by Leon.

Mossel Bay offers various quaint coffee shops and roasteries to choose from. Naturally, foodies are always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime they travel somewhere new and coffee snobs are always going out of their way in search of the perfect cuppa. Get ready to experience the best flavors around Mossel Bay with our top 5 recommendations

There is something unexpected nestled in the small harbour town of Mossel Bay: a sophisticated and well-established coffee scene. Visitors to this Garden Route town are spoilt for choice when it comes to sourcing their caffeine fix. Each café offers something unique which means there is something for every coffee-lover in Mossel Bay.

1. Baruch's Coffee Roastery

Baruch’s Coffee Roastery was established in 1998 in Mossel Bay on the Garden Route by Aharon Baruch. From the start he became known as the man that roasts the best coffee in town. Only the best quality 100% Arabica beans are sourced from all over the world making the perfect cuppa everytime. These beans are professionally roasted in their traditional drum roasters. The coffee shop offers real old-world charm with a quirky and fun atmosphere. 

Find them at: 06 Via Apie, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay

Baruchs Coffee Roastery

2. The Merchant

Another trendy spot in Mossel Bay is ‘The Merchant’. Formerly a mechanic shop, this café has a minimalist interior with artwork by local graphic artist and co-owner Sammy Sheppard, as well as seriously good coffee. Her art, as well as beautiful prints by other artists, is also available to buy in the corner of the shop’s ground floor. The top floor lounge is ideal for those seeking a quieter nook to sip their coffee or for business meetings.

Ideas fill the space like the aroma of freshly ground beans and if you linger long enough, a new dream might sprout roots in your heart and light a fire of hope in your soul. Every plate and cup is served with passion and industry excellence. The café has organic roots: the owners, Donovan and Sammy Sheppard, had no prior knowledge of coffee before starting the café. The Merchant has since grown and evolved to suit their clientele’s wants and needs. They now offer options for customers following a banting diet, almond milk for vegans and locally brewed kombucha. The Merchant also try to educate their customers about good coffee because they want everyone to appreciate coffee as they do. The baristas here are friendly and knowledgeable, and they are more than happy to recommend a coffee or item from their menu.

Find them at: 78c Bland Street, Mossel Bay or their second branch at Heiderand Mall

The Merchant (Town Branch)

3. The Blue Shed

The Blue Shed provides a space where time is of no significance, where you can unwind and reminisce on times past and contemplate futures unknown. Enjoy amazing coffee and decadent cakes in this vibey and rustic coffee shop, literally set in a blue shed on the edge of the coast near the harbor. Amazing ocean views can be experienced. Java selections from South and Central America, Africa and Asia are offered where flavors of  the environment and their influences are strong and aromatic.

Pair a cuppa with their famous chocolate mousse cake, milktart or variety of muffins and for a savory type, enjoy croissants, scones and homemade pies. The decor is colorful and mismatched, allowing for creative energy to connect abd for likeminded individuals to bond. 

Find them at: 33 Bland Street, Mossel Bay

The Blue Shed

4. Marguerite Coffee and Art Cafe

Marguerite Coffee and Art Café is an art gallery and coffee shop situated within the tourism core of Mossel Bay, overlooking the harbor and the bay, serving café-style food and delicious coffee. Their food is amazing with immaculate presentation and the staff is beyond friendly and a good vibe are always present. 

Find them at: 8 Market Street, Mossel Bay (Next to the Mossel Bay Tourism Office)

Marguerite Coffee and Art Café 

5. Krotoa

Krotoa is a trendy coffee shop in the main street of Mossel Bay. Easily accessible with indoor and outdoor seating. It has a chilled vibe with extremely friendly and helpful waitrons. Good service and excellent value for money await you at his trendy gem. Be mesmerized by their coffee art and also request to get a photo of your choice digitally printed on your cappuccino. How cool is that?

They serve delicious breakfast and lunch options. Krotoa is the perfect centrally located spot to relax while exploring Mossel bay on foot.

Find them at: 49 Marsh Street, Mossel Bay (On the corner, next to The Greendoor Guest House)


Happy coffee snobbing in Mossel Bay!