Hospitality support services for Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses & Holiday Rentals. 

We are passionate Hospitality specialists, helping new and established independent properties in the small accommodation sector to run a more profitable and orderly Hospitality business with practical solutions, marketing support & guest house coaching.

Independent Bed and Breakfasts and Guest Houses are unique and unique properties demand unique Hospitality solutions. We strive to challenge the established order with our best practices and proven strategic approach to not only help your property survive, but thrive.

About Coastal Hospitality.

Forget about the traditional approach, and turn your Bed & Breakfast or Guest House into a winning success story. At Coastal Hospitality Consulting, we strive to challenge the established order with our best practices and proven strategic approach. Whether you need help, developing and rolling out a new creative concept or turning around an underperforming property.

With proven techniques, we will help you uncover the hidden potential of your guest establishment. We are extremely result driven and work with great intensity to increase your revenue. We have a diverse group of clientele across South Africa, from luxury Guest Houses, small Bed & Breakfasts to holiday rentals, each enjoying a dedicated and personalized service that is targeted to their own specific needs.

Bed & Breakfast Coaching.

We offer our expertise and experience to help guide you in running your B&B successfully while supporting you in every aspect of the business. There are many nuances that go into boosting the smooth working of a B&B, which is responsible for its development. Sales and marketing is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of the hospitality business, but it is not all a B&B needs. Ground-level work is always important for better maintenance of rooms, parking lots, and other common areas.

Think your B&B is satisfying your guest just like you expected? What if it does not? Do you have any idea about how much your guests are satisfied with your hospitality? The fact is, you are often unaware of what your guests are experiencing in your establishment, and how good your services are from the guests' point of view.

Managing your B&B with a good team is not enough to ensure that your hospitality is serving what you are expecting from it. Coaching is the answer for owners and managers who can't wait to make immediate progress in an increasingly competitive environment. We thrive on the challenge of crafting an impeccable experience for your guests, relishing the opportunity to be a part of seeing your vision for your property come to life.  

We treat your business like it's our business. We know that success comes from doing the small things very well. From your website narrative, to your photographs, your packages, pricing, amenities, reservation software, the experience you offer has to resonate with the customer and speak to your authenticity as an B&B or Guest House. Rarely does a Bed & Breakfast under-perform because of one thing. It is more likely that there are a series of things that could be tweaked to maximize your potential. Our approach is to look at the broader operation with an emphasis on marketing and help you in as many ways as we can. We have one simple objective - to help make you more successful, more profitable and happier as an accommodation establishment owner.

Leon Kruger - Hospitality Consultant and B&B Coach
Leon Kruger - Hospitality Consultant and B&B Coach

Dedicated B&B Advisor

We offer our expertise and experience to help guide you in running your B&B successfully while supporting you in every aspect of the business.

Hospitality Marketing Solutions

The most important factor of your guest establishment is marketing effectively to build and maintain a stellar online presence and reputation so that potential guests know about you and eventually book your property.

Staff Training & Development

Your staff is the most important asset of your business and investing in their skills is proven to be valuable in the growth of a business, especially in the service industry.

Guest House Relief Management

With 14 years Operations Experience, being fluent in all aspects of the business, we will make your absence a breeze so that you can focus on YOU while enjoying a well-deserved break, knowing that your guests and your staff are in the capable hands of Hospitality Professionals.

Mystery Guest

Work with a Hospitality Professional who understands your business and provide you with feedback that you can actually use to improve on areas of concern.

Front Office Support

We provide full support for your Front Office operations, from assisting your staff with Nightsbridge support, complex reservations, office templates setups and virtual administrative assistance.

Mission Statement.

Integrity. Honesty. Reliability


At Coastal Hospitality Consulting, we aim to work closely with our clients, assisting them to develop their brand on an ongoing basis and to market their service offering effectively to increase occupancy, profits and overall customer satisfaction while saving money, offering expert advice, support and assistance in any way we can. Consultation is proven to add beneficial value to small establishment owners, and with our affordable rates, attentive and friendly service, it is our mission to see each establishment we partner with succeed.


We strive to become a trusted and leading Hospitality consultancy within our service area to provide proven and practical solutions and advice to our clients and to build a portfolio of substantial clientele whilst improving the Hospitality Industry and Tourism within the region and exceeding our existing client's expectations with our unparalleled passion for Hospitality and Service Excellence.

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