Diaz Beach Property Management

Do you have an apartment or property in Diaz Beach that you wish to capitalize on by renting it out to guests or want to convert to an Airbnb and not sure where to start? We want your property and will help you to get your investment generating extra income!

We can assist you from start to finish to get your side business going and start generating extra income. The holiday accommodation market is very competitive, yet booming and a STR business could just be what you need if managed smartly, correctly and confidently. Guests love authentic holiday experiences that offer value for money, quality accommodation and personalized service and we are here to help you on your holiday rental journey.

Bigger Rental firms, Franchises and Large Property Management Companies comes with watered down service, meaning you get money in the bank, but are stuck with unhappy guests, leading to negative reviews and unpleasant guest experiences, thus we keep our very selective portfolio small to ensure that our owners and guests get the premium service and individualized care they deserve. We offer local (Mossel Bay) Holiday Rental Property Management services including the full management of your Rental, Bookings management, marketing, administrative function, welcoming and seeing guests off personally and cleaning services with guest amenities included - All you need under one roof. We take a 10% - 15% commission on all bookings as remuneration with cleaning services excluded, charged from R550 - R650 per day depending on the property size.

Each property is individually hand picked according to location, facilities, amenities, rates and overall Hospitality standards following a site inspection to determine if your property meets our criteria of Hospitality standards.

All properties must be made available to guests on a short term holiday rental basis for at least 12 consecutive months on our portfolio (Sole Mandate - Coastal Hospitality Property Management will have exclusive rights to manage, market and rent the property). We unfortunately do not take on properties for seasonal letting only, in order for us to make it as financially feasible as possible for both the host and the owner.

We are proud to say that we have a high-end Market which includes a mix of International and local travelers looking for upmarket experiences, thus your property's standards are of great importance to meet the ever-changing demand of what comes with this market. As AirBnB Superhosts, have hosted thousands of guests over the years and we pride ourselves in giving our guests a personalized service from the point of making the reservation to checking out and beyond. Each property is handled and managed as our own and we take great pride in making sure that your investment is taken care of in every way.

Additional costs to the property owner includes upholstery and specialized carpet cleaning services, as and when necessary. We are also partnered with a professional Maintenance team, to take care of all maintenance , upkeep and renovations as and when necessary to ensure that the property remains guest-ready at all times. 

Upon Approval, we require:

  • 12-month signed sole mandate upon acceptance and approval of the property (Financial Year).
  • Full written handover of existing bookings with all relevant guest information, transaction history and any other related administration.
  • From this point on, owners may not contact any guests. All communication, enquiries, bookings and post-stay communication must be done through Coastal Hospitality Property Management.
  • 2 Sets of Keys and remotes / tags to the property.
  • 3 Sets of linen & towels (Quality check for replacement will be evaluated annually before December).
  • 2 Sets of Pool/ Beach Towels 

Pre-requirements for approval:

  • Must be located in Diaz Beach (This is our primary area)
  • Modern & upmarket accommodation standards to meet our Niche Market requirements
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • At least 1 form of free digital entertainment (Netflix, Showmax, Prime or Full DSTV)
  • Full Sea View
  • At least 1 Bathroom per 4-sleeper / 2 Bathrooms per 6-sleeper / 3 Bathrooms per 8-sleeper

What Our Service Entails:

Marketing, Bookings Management & Finance:

  • The marketing of your property through our website, Online Booking Management System (Nightsbridge), Social Media and various Online Platforms (OTA's) such as AirBnB, LekkeSlaap, Booking.com, etc
  • Attending to enquiries and bookings, quotations, capturing guest information on our system, invoicing and receiving payments.
  • Upon receipt of payment, we deduct our fees and the balance is paid over to the owner, where after a detailed payout advice will be sent to the owner, accompanied by a proof of payment for your records.
  • The Guest will be sent a written booking confirmation with all their booking details once the booking is confirmed with payment and the owner will be CC'd in this E-mail, in order to keep note of all bookings received.
  • The owner will receive a detailed monthly financial report every month for their records and a complete Financial report every Financial Year-End.

Guest Arrivals, Departures & Quality Checks:

  • Pre and post-stay guest communication
  • The property will be thoroughly cleaned and aired prior to the guest's arrival where we will also do a quality check, fill amenities, do an inventory check, test Wi-Fi Connectivity, activate DSTV where applicable and make sure that all is ready for the guests.
  • Guests are welcomed by us personally on arrival, followed by a property tour and briefing. By no means do we allow self-check-ins or leave keys unattended.
  • The guest will be required to complete guest registration and indemnity form on arrival and sign for receipt of a copy of the property/complex rules.
  • Cleaning services throughout the guest's stay can be arranged by the guest on request, charged accordingly.
  • We will handle all guest requests and attend to any complaints in a courteous manner.
  • On the day of departure, the guests will be met by us again, personally, to see see them off.
  • a Thorough cleaning service will follow and linen will be washed and pressed by us too, giving us full control over the entire property, also making it more financially feasible for the owners by cutting costs, as this is included in our outgoing cleaning fee. 
  • The property will be inspected for damages and maintenance issues and if all is in order to our satisfaction, the guest will be paid back their refundable breakage deposit on the same day without delay, unless breakages is noted, the replacement value will be deducted and they will receive the balance accompanied by a report of deductions/reason for deductions.

Weekly Routine Cleaning:

  • Each Property will be cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure the upkeep standards are maintained and that the property remains guest-ready at all times.

Maintenance / Interior Decorating / Renovations:

  • We offer basic in-house maintenance services, quoted on according to the work requirements.
  • We offer in-house interior decorating services, quoted on according to the project requirements.
  • Major Maintenance services are outsourced from our list of reliable contractors and handymen, quoted on according to the project requirements.
  • If the owner has any major maintenance or renovations scheduled, we will supervise accordingly where and when needed and report to the owner on progress and timelines.
  • All renovations and building work planned by the owner will be overseen by the Property Manager and regularly reported on.
  • All interior work planned and approved by the owner will be overseen by Property Manager and reported on.

Please contact us for more information or to request a meeting. We would love to get your property listed and booked!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer Long-term Rental Services or Sales. We would be happy to recommend a trusted sales agent to assist with such services.


  • 10% Commission Structure on all bookings
  • Cleaning Service including guest amenities are quoted on, depending the size and structure of the property.

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