Front Office Streamlining

An organized and professional Front Office space can lead to increased productivity, profitability and guest satisfaction.

Get Organized.

a Cluttered reception or front office is not a welcoming sight for guests and your disorganization will not leave a lasting impression on them. An unorganized workspace can make your workload feel unbearable and discourage your team while wasting valuable time that you could have spent on other aspects of your business and while the chaos around you increases, profits decreases.

Streamlining your business is vital to not only ensure that your B&B continues to run smoothly, but also to create a calmer and more stress-free work environment for you and your staff. We can assist you with easy to follow systems that everyone can understand, maintain and enjoy while transforming your Front of House to a fully organized and professional work space that will enhance the guest experience.

E-mail Organization

Streamlining and grouping of your E-mails and creating professional templates for quick responses to make E-mail communication as efficient as possible.

PMS Systems & Diary Management

Ensuring that your Nightsbridge calendar is perfectly organized and that all bookings, payments, statuses and data is allocated correctly and backed up in a booking diary.

Filing Systems & Access to Data

Creating easy to maintain manual and digital filing systems, secure backups and document handling procedures.

BOH Systems

Staff charts, daily, weekly and monthly planners, duty assignments, employee records, stock lists, check lists and inventories.

Office Templates

Professional branded office templates for your everyday use including letterheads, rate sheets, booking confirmations, registration forms, invoices, etc.

Digital Media Grouping

Organizing and grouping of your property photographs, videos and branding media.

Your B&B on the go

Assisting you with the relevant Mobile Applications (Apps) to make managing your B&B on the go a breeze.

Guest Books & Information Files

Compiling an attractive and professional guest book (House manual) that guests will not only appreciate, but also love to read.

Covid-19 Protocol

Covid-19 information & signage, Guest registration and track & trace forms, Sanitization stations and protocol training.

Ready to get organized?

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