Mystery Guest Service

Work with a Hospitality Professional who understands your business and provide you with feedback that you can actually use to improve on areas of concern.

Mystery Guest.

In a fiercely competitive market, any successful guest house owner understands that maintaining standards to exceed guest expectations for every visit is essential to stand out and that there are plenty of competitors chomping at the bit to take their place, should standards slip. a Mystery guest is a real person and therefore offer a true reflection of the guest experience.

Are you sceptical about the service that your guests receive? The reality is that only a very small percentage of dissatisfied guests will give accurate negative feedback however, research has indicated that 96% of dissatisfied guests will not complain and 75% of them will not return. We visit your property incognito, evaluating your brand promise and overall customer journey and provide you with a full comprehensive report on our findings that you can actually use to improve on areas of concern.

Booking Process

First point of contact, making a reservation, response time and pre-arrival communication.

Arrival and Check-in

First impressions, welcome extended, the front desk experience and information provided.

Room & General Areas Inspection

Cleanliness, facilities, functionality, amenities and quality of sleep.

Customer Service

Overall service received from staff members and the effectiveness of solutions provided.

Breakfast & Meals Provided

Food quality, variety, presentation, service efficiency, hygiene & value.

Property Maintenance

Overall upkeep of the property on both the interior and exterior, garden and entrance.

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