Affiliation & Accreditation Support

By having your property affiliated or accredited, guests can easily recognise the quality your offer, knowing that they can book with peace of mind and that you care about their experience and the value you have to offer.

Get the recognition you deserve.

To attract bookers is about establishing trust and offering a quality product and service that complies with the local industry standards. We can assist you by getting your property accredited and affiliated so that you can market your business with confidence and that bookers can easily recognise the quality you offer and book with you having peace of mind, knowing that you not only care about their experience but also about the value that you are offering them. By having your property affiliated and accredited, you also have access to many benefits and networking opportunities that each individual affiliate has to offer it's members.

Before we start with the process of applying for membership, we will conduct a site visit and work through the criteria to see if your property meets the requirements. We will then assist you to implement the required changes to ensure that your property get the stars or recognition it deserves.

Tourism Grading Council (TGCSA)

Star Grading your property by an Accredited Grading Assessor and having your B&B branded with the stars you deserve.

National Accommodation Association

The NAA-SA is a leader in local tourism, supporting and representing the independent small accommodation sector.

AA Quality Assured Accommodation

The AA is forefront leaders in Hospitality standards to recognise the quality that accommodation providers offer.

Local Tourism Office

Your local Tourism Office is a great choice to be partnered with as a member, not only to benefit from a marketing aspect, but also to network with your fellow local Tourism roleplayers.

Skal International

Skal International offers an opportunity to network and do business amongst Regional Tourism roleplayers, be the first to get industry insights and to enjoy occasional lunchions.

Food Acceptability Certification

When serving meals on-site, it is required to have your premises inspected by a local Health Inspector who will issue a certificate of acceptability via your local Municipality.

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